I pride myself in fixing everything under the sun. From homes to stores to cars to computers and more. Here are a list of my most popular services. If your problem isn't on here, just ask. Even if it's not my forte, I'll hook you up with one of our great partners.



Home Renovation
Make your home really yours! Chris Fix It can take care of every step of your renovation, from demolition, to framing, plumbing, electrical, to drywall, paint, and trim. We can move walls, upgrade your lighting, enlarge windows and finish your basement. We even do flooring, built-ins, and more! I work with qualified subcontractors to ensure every part of the renovation looks great and keeps your family safe. 
Whether you're a store owner, manager, or a represent a maintenance company, I can help you (or your client) with your project. I can install or repair fixtures, point-of-sale, loss prevention systems, displays, A/V, plumbing, flooring, walls, and more. I have worked with dozens of businesses and traveled across Canada to help multiple store locations.
Rental Properties
I work with several landlords to ensure their properties are well maintained and ready for tenants. From drywall, paint, and baseboard repair, to appliances, leaks, blown circuits, and damaged locks, I take care of everything so you can focus on other things. I work with tenants and managers to setup scheduling, and report back on issues and what's recommended to correct them.
Move-In Ready Prep
Whether you're selling your home, or just purchased one, I can get you home in tip top shape. From patching holes and scratches in drywall, fixing or replacing damaged baseboard, painting, updating fixtures or appliances, removing junk, landscaping, gutters, floors, replacing outlets/switches and covers, and more, I can help you get top dollar for you home, or make your new house feel like home. I can help you see issues that will turn buyers off, or find issues that your inspector missed.
Whether it's shelving, cabinetry, trim, or other wood work, look no further. I can make you custom pieces that fit you needs and budget, and get your trim, baseboard, and moulding looking better than ever.

Drywall Repair and Installation
From a hole in the wall to a basement remodel, I got your walls covered. I can hang, tape, patch, skim, and sand everything smooth.

Leaky taps have met their match. Get your fixtures replaced much cheaper than with a plumber. Plus I can replace and repair water and sewer pipes, whether PVC, ABS, Pex or Copper.

Don't leave your lights hanging. Let me upgrade your fixtures, switches, and outlets. I can also relocate switches and run your home theatre wiring.

Get rid of that gross old carpet! I can swap it out for laminate or vinyl, each of which are cheaper to purchase and maintain, don't retain dirt and allergens, and last for decades.

Get your locks swapped out or rekeyed easily and inexpensively. From deadbolts to door jam repair, from keyless to high-security, I can secure your home. I also replace doors!

Nothing will get your home looking new as easily and inexpensively as paint. Have me brighten up a drab room for less!

With a huge Enclosed Tandem Trailer and High-Roof Van, plus trucks and other trailers, I can get your stuff moved or tossed quickly and cheaply. I have years of experience delivering high-end furniture to ensure your goods arrive in good shape. I have also delivered sensitive medical equipment, vehicles , motorcycles, ATVs and machinery, and trailer loads of product.

Don't sweat that IKEA furniture. I can deliver it, get it together, and have it in place before you know it. Or I can build you strong custom pieces from high grade plywood and lumber (much stronger and more beautiful than the particleboard used IKEA and other flat-pack furniture).
Landscaping and Outdoors
Does you yard look like wild prairie? From grass to decks/patios to snow, I can get it looking great again.
Make you yard great again, with a fence upgrade. I can strip, repair, and paint your old fence, or replace it with a gorgeous and rock solid new one.
Shower, Backsplash, or Floor, I can fix, replace, or install tile that'll look great for years to come.
From Bathroom Fans to Blinds to Vent Covers, I can take care of those odd improvement tasks around the house.


Get the tech your business or home needs! Computers, laptops, tablets, printers, data storage, and networking hardware. I can help you get exactly what you need, and nothing that you don't, and get it working together smoothly.

Smart Home
Ok Google, Call Chris Fix It! I can install smart lights, speakers, thermostat, locks, switches, cameras, sensors, blinds/curtains, garage door openers, and more! Plus I can set them up with your phone and/or smart assistant and show you how they work. I can even setup routines, so you lights automatically come on at a certain time, or change colour with the sun; or a notification can be sent when the kids arrive home. 

Home Theater
Nothing says movie night like a home theater! Get awesome sound, awesome picture, all setup the right way for less! I mount TVs and Projectors, wire up speakers, program remotes, and help you pick out the components to make your movies pop. 

Computer Repair
Mac or PC, I can clean up your computer and get it running like new. I can upgrade components, replace broken screens and keyboards, and help you set everything up. I can even recover lost files! If you need help with your computer, I'm your guy!

Don't spend a fortune on layouts. I can create 3D models and 2D shots of your home or renovation simply and cheaply.

Custom Computers
The last thing you need is a cookie-cutter computer that's over-priced, under-powered, and plain unreliable. Get a custom computer built to your needs - whether it be Gaming, AutoCad, 3D Modeling, Graphic Design or Video Editing. 

TV/Component Repair
Is your TV not turning on? Are your speakers cracking and popping? Or is your projector all distorted or miscoloured? I can open your electronics, replace the faulty components, and get you back on your way for less.
*Note: Cracked TVs are irrepairable.

Data Recovery/Backup
Did you accidentally delete all of your family photos? Then shut down your computer, call Chris, and I'll get your pictures back pronto! I can recover data from most undamaged drives, or help you find a data center to recover data from failed and damaged drives. Plus, I can help you backup your data so you don't have to worry about ever losing your memories again!

Get all your devices online, talking, and synced! Plus I can help you stream your movies and music from your computer and phones to your TV with a click of a button.


Tow, Roadside, & Lockout
Stuck on the side of the road? Whether you need a tow, a boost, or to get the keys you locked inside, I can get you on your way.

Automatic Wheel Balancing
Balancing your wheels with lead weights is a thing of the past. Balancing beads automatically balance your wheels and drive assembly, automatically counteract gravel, snow, and mud build up, and keep you running smooth and vibration free. Plus, they can't fall off, and stay balanced for the life of your tire. Starting at $25/wheel.

Tool and Equipment Rental

Automotive Tools
Air and Cordless Impact Wrenches, Jacks, Jack Stands, Sockets, Breaker Bars, Angle Grinders, Die Grinders, Sanders, Polisher. Plus specialty tools, including pullers, brake tools, slide hammer, spring compressors, autobody cups and hammers, and diagnostic tools.

Concrete Tools
Jackhammer, Demolition Hammer, Cordless Rotary Hammer with HEPA Vacuum, Gas Powered 10" Cut-Off Saw, Concrete Mixer, Floats and Trowels.+

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