I'm here to Fix your problems, not give you more. That's why I strive to make sure things are fixed right the first time, and that they stay fixed. I base my business on honesty and integrity, from start to finish and beyond. That's why I always clearly communicate my prices, strive to ensure my quotes are accurate, do quality work, and honour my warranty. If I make a mistake, I promise to make it right.

No Money Down

I never charge up front for on-site work. Generally you pay for everything when it's done. For larger projects, I may ask for materials to be paid for when delivered, and work to be paid in stages, but you don't pay without receiving something first. I only ask for a deposit on some product purchases (such as appliance parts or custom products) and certain offsite services (such as website design and fabrication), to cover my costs if you cancel after starting.

Awesome Warranty

There is nothing worse than fixing something again and again. That's why everything I do is covered by my comprehensive warranty. 90 days full coverage: if anything goes wrong because of less than perfect workmanship or faulty materials, I fix it free. But it doesn't stop there: I will assist you in making any claims against manufacturer's warranty on everything I sell, offer free phone help, and offer discounted maintenance services for everything I sell and install. I do not, however, cover willful damage or normal wear, nor do I cover work that I was not paid for, nor for issues unrelated to my materials and workmanship.

Complete Solutions

Whenever possible, I cover every aspect of your project or repair. That way, you only need to make one call, pay one bill, and have one place to go for service or warranty. It saves you stress, leaves you with a more polished result, and ensures maximum compatibility. 

If I Can't Fix It, It's Free!

Nothing irks me more than paying someone to tell me something I already know - it's broken. That's why if your problem can't be fixed - whether the solution is unfeasible, or it just has me stumped - then you don't have to pay for my time. Unfortunately certain costs are non-refundable and will still need to be paid, such as out-of-town travel expenses or consumable parts, but that's pennies compared to the fees some companies charge just to show up.

Frank Communication

Don't beat around the bush - say it like it is! I love feedback, both good and bad. It helps me to improve. At the same time, I will be frank and honest with you about every aspect of the work, so you are always fully informed.

All services are subject to the Terms of Services. By hiring Christopher, you agree to these terms.