If It's Broken, Chris Can Fix It!

From your garage to your office, I have the skills to tackle all of your home projects. Whether it's drywall, plumbing, cars, computers or anything in between. With over 8 years experience tackling jobs of all sizes, you can trust Chris Fix It for you next repair, project, or renovation. Serving Lethbridge, Calgary, and Area. Be sure to check out my Gallery to see my past projects!

About Chris

Since I was young, I was always intrigued by machines and how they work. Computers, cars, even the kitchen sink. As soon I could pick up a screw driver I was taking things apart and seeing what was inside. Since then, I have spent countless hours with all kinds of projects: installing hot water heaters with my Dad, fixing my Grandma's computer, repairing TVs from the recycling center, constructing furniture in shop class, soldering electronics projects, and building websites - all before I graduated high school! Now, several years later, I've installed

security, camera and access control systems; hung, mudded, and painted drywall; built custom home theatres; repaired and replaced plumbing, electrical, HVAC, gates and fences; framed and insulated walls; installed flooring; demolished bad renovations; repaired appliances; installed computer, server, and networking systems for numerous businesses; enlarged basement windows; and built customized storage systems. I've done oil and fluid changes; replaced car doors, bumpers, hoods, grills, fenders, seats, gauges, water pumps, stereos, tires, and wheels; replaced chains, brakes, and parts on motorcycles; repaired lawn movers, trimmers, and snow blowers; and so much more. And I've grown from a young man to a husband and a father. So when you need something fixed, you can trust Chris Fix It to get it done!